Dome Mud Dome

This is the Dome I began a couple weeks ago. We’ve realized it would be nice to have a cool cave to hide in during 100-plus weather.¬†Using a string tied to a piece of re-bar pounded into the ground, I traced a circle, then dug down about a foot…this should make for better insulation from the earth. Slow going at first, as I used a foot-thick wall at the base, but as it begins to curve dramatically upward and inward, it’ll pick up speed. This will have a palm-frond shade over it and a vent at the top. I’ve put conduit through a wall so we can run an extension cord in to power a fan and laptop.

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HEADSPACE Art Show > July 12

ALTWALK 029Soon, you shall have a chance to see nuggets of brain on display.

Local creative craniums have invented stimulating skull fodder for your viewing pleasure at Jailhouse Arts, Buena Vista. Simply put, “We’re Having an Art Party!” The theme is HEADSPACE. There was a feverish response from imaginitive misfits in the form of sculpture, painting, drawing, etcetera. Those of you who frequent the streets of BV may have noticed the menacingly provocative skull which has appeared on E. Main…this gnarly noggin was fabricated out of junk by the resident artist known as “EYEBALL” and his friend J.P., a genius of welded weirdness. Other marvelously mind-full treats await your hungry eyes. Morsels for your mouth; baked goodies, home-made hors d’ouvres, and yum-yums from the Asian Palate. Wine and beer will provide brain-fuzz as you thrill at the brain-buzz of imagination. “Just Be.Man” will be our lyricist and scientist of sound, providing cerebral vibrations throughout the evening, stepping it up higher and higher until the roof comes off the joint late in the night. This shall be a crowning event of spontaneous proportions. We hope that you will join us in the merrymaking.

Saturday, July 12 from 5pm until our heads explode! Jailhouse Arts, 414 E. Main.

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